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Jul 24, 2014
2:49 pm
Jul 24, 2014
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Jul 24, 2014
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Jul 24, 2014
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Jul 24, 2014
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Tanya Croft
Hi there! =)
I was born on 26 February 1990.
My favourite character is Lara Croft. I cosplay her, because I dreamed of actress's career since my childhood. But it's not one reason. Finally I've found aim in my life. Lara is ideal for me, and I try to learn some of her skills, such as keeping one's head in dangerous situations; callisthenics; smartness... I like adventures, travelling, exploring derelict places... And when I dress in Lara's clothes I feel, that I can more and I really begin to believe in it)) Lara has changed my life and I'm happy, so I must say "Thank you" to her!

Costumes were made by my boyfriend.

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Hello everybody! Hi!

I thought for a long time to do that or not, but I decided... From this moment you can purchase almost ALL my cosplay sets of photos in original resolution! La la la la Because I always spread here only 12 photos from each photoshoot, I think you would be interested to see the rest. Meow :3

Open any my cosplay photo here. (For example some of it)
Lara Croft gym suit cosplay by TanyaCroftLara Croft cosplay - relax by TanyaCroftLara Croft cosplay - Angel of Darkness by TanyaCroft
Lara Croft - The Great Wall by TanyaCroftLara Croft and small medipack by TanyaCroftTomb Raider Lara Croft ripped dress - bike action by TanyaCroft
LaraCroft and Doppelganger - hug by TanyaCroftLara Croft wetsuit - suddenly! by TanyaCroftLara Croft Legend render by TanyaCroft
Click the button "Purchase" (on the right) to download all photo shoot (100 points). You can also see names and size of attachment files.Boogie!

I'm not forcing you! If you don't want download - don't do it, as you wish. In either case you make contribution to my cosplay. Flirtatious

Okay, I decided to show photos, which you haven't seen before on DA (for the period 2009-2013)! So now you can see what you want to purchase. Giggle

1. TR I: Sport costume 2011 (12+23 photos)
Sport 2011 by TanyaCroft

2. TR II-III: Classic game version 2009 (12+13 photos)
Classic 2009 by TanyaCroft

3. TR II-III: Classic game version 2010 (12+8 photos)
Classic 2010 by TanyaCroft

4. TR IV: Classic game version 2010 (12+8 photos)
Revelation 2010 by TanyaCroft

5. TR II: Classic game version 2013 (12+18 photos) with 2 animations!
Classic 2013 by TanyaCroft

6. TR II-III: Classic render version 2013 (12+16 photos)
Igromir 2013 by TanyaCroft

7. TR II: SOLA wetsuit 2010 (12+18 photos)
SOLA 2010 by TanyaCroft

8. TR II: Bomber jacket 2010 (12+18 photos)
Bomber jacket 2010 by TanyaCroft

9. TR III: Pacific Ocean costume 2010 (12+23 photos)
Pacific Ocean 2010 by TanyaCroft

10. TR III: Nevada costume 2009 (12+13 photos)
Nevada 2009 by TanyaCroft

11. TR III gold: Nevada costume 2012 (12+43 photos)
Nevada 2012 by TanyaCroft

12. TR V: Little Lara 2009 (12+23 photos)
Little Lara 2009 by TanyaCroft

13. TR V: Little Lara 2011 (12+8 photos)
Little Lara 2011 by TanyaCroft

14. TR AOD: Jeans costume 2009 (12+8 photos)
Jeans 2009 by TanyaCroft

15. TR AOD: Jeans costume 2010 (12+8 photos)
Jeans 2010 by TanyaCroft

16. TR AOD: Camo pants 2009 (12+23 photos)
AOD 2009 by TanyaCroft

17. TR AOD: Camo pants 2010 (12+28 photos)
AOD 2010 by TanyaCroft

18. TR AOD: Camo shorts 2011 (12+18 photos)
AOD Shorts 2011 by TanyaCroft

19. TR AOD: Lara with Kurtis 2010 (12+13 photos)
Lara with Kurtis 2010 by TanyaCroft

20. TR Legend: Standard 2009 (12+18 photos)
Legend 2009 by TanyaCroft

21. TR Legend: Standard 2010 (12+18 photos)
Legend 2010 by TanyaCroft

22. TR Legend: Standard 2011 (12+8 photos)
Legend 2011 by TanyaCroft

23. TR Legend: Union jack 2013 (12+18 photos) with 3 animations!
Union jack 2013 by TanyaCroft

24. TR Legend: Black 2009 (12+18 photos)
Legend, black 2009 by TanyaCroft

25. TR Legend: Black 2011 (12+13 photos)
Legend, black 2011 by TanyaCroft

26. TR Legend: Ripped dress 2009 (12+8 photos)
Ripped dress 2009 by TanyaCroft

27. TR Legend: Ripped dress 2013 (12+13 photos)
Ripped dress 2013 by TanyaCroft

28. TR Legend: Special forces, urban 2011 (12+18 photos)
Special forces, urban 2011 by TanyaCroft

29. TR Legend: Biker 2010 (12+13 photos)
Biker 2010 by TanyaCroft

30. TR Underworld: Standard 2009 (12+18 photos)
Underworld 2009 by TanyaCroft

31. TR Underworld: Lara with Doppelganger 2010 (12+23 photos)
Lara with Doppelganger 2009 by TanyaCroft

32. TR Underworld: Lara's Shadow 2011 (12+18 photos)
Doppelganger 2011 by TanyaCroft

33. TR Underworld: Standard, pants 2009 (12+13 photos)
Underworld pants 2009 by TanyaCroft

34. TR Underworld: Wetsuit 2009 (12+23 photos)
Wetsuit 2009 by TanyaCroft

35. TR Underworld: Wetsuit 2011 (12+33 photos)
Wetsuit 2011 by TanyaCroft

36. TR Reborn: Standard 2013 (12+13 photos)
Reborn 2013 by TanyaCroft
Thank you for attention! Hug Hope you're well!
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so hot! :D
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Thank you :3 i will draw a Underworld Lara soon :3 
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Hi I loved your photos they're amazing and soooo professional in all forms especially ( angel of darkness ) Once

But I just wanna ask from where I can get kurtis outfits ?  because I truly love his character and I wanna copy his style for real  XD so from where I can get them ?   
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